• ねぶり流し行事として行われている竿燈であるが、宝暦年間には原型があったといわれている。
  • 大きさや重さは、次の通り。
    • 大若:大人用で、重さ50kg、長さが12m、提灯の数が46個と非常に重い。
    • 中若:重さ30kg、長さが9m、提灯の数が46個。
    • 小若:小学生高学年 - 中高生用で重さ15kg、長さが7m、提灯の数が24個である。女性が両手で持つのは厳しい重さである。
    • 幼若:小学生低学年以下用で、重さ5kg、長さが5m、提灯の数が24個。こちらは大人なら誰でも持てそうな重さ。
  • 上記の若を、差し手が流しから平手、額、肩、腰などにのせてバランスをとり、上達してくると、扇子を仰ぎながら行っているのも見られる。特に腰は難度が高いとされる

It is said that a light pole has been made as event sink Neburi, but there was a prototype to treasure calendar year.
It is said in the hope dividing disaster and staple grains fertility, the arts progress, along with the Tanabata event that takes place in accordance with the July 7 lunar calendar, it also became the form as the current events of the series in order to welcome a tray of July 15, the lunar calendar are.
Size and weight are as follows.
Large young: in the adult, the number of 12m, the lantern is very heavy and forty-six 50kg in weight, length.
46 pieces number 9m, lantern 30kg in weight, length: Medium youth.
15kg in weight, length is 24 the number 7m, lantern in for teenagers - elementary school upper grades: Kowaka. Women of both hands is a tough weight.
Juvenile: In the following school year for low elementary school students, 24 the number 5m, lantern 5kg in weight, length. This weighs a popular, so anyone if adult.
The balance is put smack, forehead, shoulders, and hips from a sink pointing hand, if you come to progress, the young of the above, you are doing while Allegiance sense also seen. It is difficult and high waist especially